Did you ever say,
“Man! Look at all
the things I can’t
eat. I’d never be
able to stick to
that diet.”?

Actually, you’ll find most diets
are for the birds. You yo-yo yourself
to death with the on again, off again way
you follow the diet.

There ought to be a better way.

There is.

Suppose you only had to make
one small change a week
in your eating patterns.

You want healthy food.


...you want food you like to eat.

There is such an eating regimen.

It’s called The ChangeOne Diet.

The ChangeOne Diet is the first-ever diet from Reader's Digest. It is not just any diet. It is a new way of living.

The ChangeOne Diet from Reader's Digest is a healthy eating program that helps their valued customers lose weight by making one small change a week.

You’ll find, as we did, that this totally new approach really works.

Here’s what one
of our readers wrote.

Why didn’t you tell folks about this
diet sooner? Here I was getting flabbier
and frumpier when I read about
the ChangeOne Diet.

Couldn’t hurt I told myself.

At first I didn’t think it was working,
but I had promised myself to try it for
90 days.

Then I began to see change. Week by week
I was losing that blubber.
And I felt better. And I ate what
I liked.

I hate you for not telling me sooner
about it, but I love you for the fact
that you did tell me.

C. S. Beaufort SC

Actually, Carolyn [letter above] was part
of a sample mailing done
to test the product. Several of the
users sent similar raves about the
success of the plan.

You should give yourself an
opportunity to examine what
The ChangeOne Diet is all about.

It's not just a Diet. Hundreds of Healthy, Mouth Watering Recipes and a Meal Plan designed just for You. Try it FREE for 1 Week!

And just in time for
the holidays, too!