How Old is Too Old

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How does a 74-year-old newbie break into the world of Internet marketing?

You gotta admire an old codger like that trying to break into a complex, technical, all-new-to-him field at that age. You want to find out more about such a guy.

Is he kinda demented?

What’s his business background?

Does he have a chance to succeed?

You have all kinds of questions you’d like to ask if you interviewed him. I looked him up. I asked questions.

Me: Why are you venturing into this field at your age?

Him: I needed money, I wanted to get started before I got too old.

Me: What makes you think you can succeed? Do you have computer experience? Business background?

Him: Why shouldn’t I succeed? Look at all the other people who have succeed. I read about a 7-year-old boy who established a very successful Internet business. Surely I’m as smart as a 7-year-old!

Business experience? I’ve sold vacuum cleaners door to door. And I did pretty well as an insurance salesman.

My computer experience so far is playing solitaire and using email.

Me: What’s your strategy?

Him: I figured I should find the most successful Internet marketer and emulate him.

Me: Who did you find?

Him: Well, there were about as many suggestions as there were people I asked. But one name kept popping up. Mark Joyner.

Me: So you copied him?

Him: Well, not right away. I got ahold of his number and called him. Nice guy. I told him what I wanted. He said my best bet was to read a book he wrote called Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript. That’s quite a mouthful.

But I got it. I read it. That’s quite an eyeful.

Me: So did you use any of his ideas?

Him: I’m glad you said “any.” I don’t think anyone could use all of them in a lifetime. Even a lifetime for a young feller like you.

But I got started. You wondered if I could succeed? I started like gangbusters. Then it happened.

Me: What happened?

Him: I found out he had written a sequel. He calls it CIIM: Volume 2.

Me: And you bought it

Him: Bought and read it. Man, I didn’t believe any one man could possess such knowledge. Let alone put it into simple language that even a newbie like me could understand.

Me: Did you use the info from the second volume?

Him: Well, I was doing so well following the first book that I hated to change horses in the middle of the stream. But his second horse was so much better, I slipped on over to using it.

Me: Any change?

Him: I’ll tell you what. You can go to one of my pages and find out. It’s a page I put up to tell folks everything I found out about Mark Joyner and his books. Notice, I said everything I found out. You gotta believe its not everything about him. I don’t think any one human can know everything about a man like Mark Joyner.

Don’t misunderstand. I didn’t write the page. Web copywriting is a skill I’m working on. But I found a great information piece, got permission, and set it up.

That’s one of the basic things Mark taught me. Start making money right way selling other people’s stuff. Works like a charm.

Me: O.K. You’ve got me hooked. Where do I go to see this page of yours?

Him: Try By the way. Don’t tell folks I’m 74 years old. They won’t want to visit my sites.

Me: Tell you what. I just won’t mention your name. I think your age makes a wonderful story.

Him: O.K.

I wish I could tell you his name. I know it’s going to start showing up more and more as folks discuss Internet success.

But I’ll tell you one thing for sure. He was right about Mark Joyner’s books. I’m half way through Volume 2 for the second time.

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