Answers for Lesson Three

Answers to Study Questions

for Week One Day Three


1.      What recurring topic in Revelation is introduced for the first timein verse 7?

Answer:    The recurring topic introduced for the first time is the returnof the Lord.

2.      What does the text of Revelation stresses that it is not so much thetime of the return of the Lord.

Answer:    The text of Revelation stress about the return of the Lord asthat it will be a vindication of believers and a reproach fortheir enemies.

3.      Who will see the return of the Lord?

Answer:    His enemies and “all the tribes of the earth” will see thereturn of the Lord.

4.      What is the meaning of “I am Alpha and Omega”?

Answer:    The meaning of “I am Alpha and Omega is “the beginningand the end.” Christ was the Word that was before creationand will have the last word when all thing pass away.

5.      How do persons today try to limit the power of Christ?

Answer:    Persons today try to limit the power of Christ by denying thatwe all are creatures of God, even our enemies and those whopersecute us.

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