Answers for Lesson Two

Answers for
Week 1 Day 2

1. Describe the cultural, economic, and political situation in which the first hearers found themselves.
Answer: The churches were situated in a small Roman province in part of what is now Turkey. The government was oppressive, especially toward Christians who refused to give honor and worship toward Roman emperors who claimed to be divine. The Christians were few. They were mostly common folk–laborers, fishers, slaves, market merchants, and the like.

2. What is the general understanding of the number seven in biblical times?
Answer: Seven, in the Bible is often used to mean perfection or entirety.

3. Explain how letters in New Testament times generally began.
Answer: Letters of the time generally began by saying who wrote it, to whom it was addressed, followed by a greeting.

4. What is the major mood of the greeting in Revelation ?
Answer: The mood of the greeting in Revelation is very positive.

5. What is the significance of this mood?
Answer: The significance of this mood in Revelation shows that it is not a book of fear, bit of hope in an almost overwhelming situation.

6. What politically subversive title does John give Jesus?
Answer: John is subversive in calling Jesus “ruler of the kings of the earth.”

7. Why is describing Jesus as “faithful witness” important?
Answer: Describing Jesus as “faithful witness” is significant because Christians had been accused by so many false witnesses and his testimony before the throne of God will be absolutely trustworthy.

8. What was the social status of most Christians in John’s time?
Answer: The social status of most Christians in John’s time was quite low in society.

9. What was the power of the Christians hearing Revelation being told they are “a kingdom of priests serving God”?
Answer: The power of the Christians being told they are “a kingdom of priests serving God” gave them a dignity far above the upper classes who oppressed them.

10. If you accept Revelation as a message to you, what is the significance of “a kingdom of priests serving God” to you?
Answer: How do you answer this for yourself?

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