Lesson Nine

Day 2 of Week Two

Scripture for today                                   2:8-11

8 And unto the angel of the churchin Smyrna write; These things saiththe first and the last, which wasdead, and is alive; 9I know thyworks, and tribulation, and poverty,(but thou art rich) and I know theblasphemy of them which say theyare Jews, and are not, but are thesynagogue of Satan. 10 Fear none ofthose things which thou shaltsuffer: behold, the devil shall castsome of you into prison, that yemay be tried; and ye shall havetribulation ten days: be thoufaithful unto death, and I will givethee a crown of life. 11 He that hathan ear, let him hear what the Spiritsaith unto the churches; He thatovercometh shall not be hurt of thesecond death.


Study Questions for Day 2 of Week 2


1.      Find Smyrna on the map. Describe Smyrna in John’s time.

2.      Who were the “synagogue of Satan”?

3.      What is the Christians’ situation in Smyrna?

4.      What is meant by the poverty and riches of Christians in Smyrna?


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