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Do you surf the 'Net looking for good Bible study sites, information, church helps,and Friends?

Then you've come to the right place.

The following links are to sites congenial to Bible study and church life. They include links to information, church helps, and useful tools.

Check 'em out.

If you need help with the Revised Common Lectionary--references for the week, locations of various translations, discussions about the scripture texts for the week, reflections by ancient church fathers, denominational founders [Luther, Knox, Wesley, Calvin, and others], modern sermons, reviews of movies or art to fit the scripture texts, and so much more--go to Textweek.com the Premier Site for Lectionary Materials

When you need to find a specific bible text such as Lamentations 2.2, and want to read it in 8 versions in English or in one of over a dozen translations, this the place to go. If you want to find every location in the bible for a word or phrase, like Thanksgiving, then click on the following link which takes you to Bible concordance–multiple versions available

Are you interested in developing strong Christian morals in your own home? Do you need an information source for techniques and procedures?

Then you want to go to A Site for Christian Values–Christian Mommies

Are you looking for the spirit centered university that gives guidance within a framework of genuine freedom? Check out this site.

Friends University

A Good Fundraising Project

Has your group ever thought about publishing a cookbook? You need to check out this site.

We're not real keen on commercial sites, but you need to look at this one. It is a membership site that gives real value for your money and sorely needed information. We highly recommend you look at this site.

It doesn't cost to look, and they give you a FREE trial when you click the link for Heritage Cookbooks,.

For a real treat in searching Bible knowledge, You need to go to this site.

Do you want to know about Nostrodamus? Go there.

Do you want to know about astrology and the Bible? Go there.

Do you want Bible study information? Go there.

Do you want to read some good clean jokes? Bo there.

Gary's AnUnseenWorld has something for just about everyone. It's a great site. You'll enjoy a visit to the Unseen World.


By special arrangement, Home Bible Study provides for you to receive, not only free information, but also a free autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder, as the name implies, responds automatically. It is a program that stores messages. It then sends that message to an email address that requests the information.

Suppose your church has a series of events. Members have requested that the information of each of those programs be made available.

Approach one:
Create a sheet for each program.
Guess how many requests you will have for the information.
Print out that many copies.
Mail them out or stack them on a table in the vestibule.
End up with
(1) Left over copies you have to throw away.
(2) Complaints becaues you didn't print enough copies.

Approach two:
Create a sheet for each program.
Store each program with a different title in an autoresponder.
Those who want the information sends an email request for info.
The information is automatically sent to the email address requesting the information.

Or, you give the e-mail address of your autoresponder to folks you want to receive your message. Anyone who sends a message of any kind [or no message at all!] to that address receives your stored message.

Almost any lind of printed material can be stored in the autoresponder--church bulletins, sermons, bible verses, schedules, minutes of meetings, menus of the next church dinner, prayers, addresses of service men or students needing mail from back home, maps, almost anything you want.

Some services charge as much as $79.95 per month for this benefit. Home Bible Study is glad to provide this free information about a service to our visitors. Those who need this valuable religious and business service will appreciate the further information provided.

To see how this service works, and to receive the free information and another free offer offer go to



I found the world's greatest marketing idea.

And there is no personal information required--
noteven an email address!
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