Temple of the Body

How often have you read in the Bible and in secular literature that the human body is the temple of God?

You will find in this section of the Home Bible Study site information on care of the body.

Suggestions for and treatment of topics of diet, healthy eating, exercise, other health, and hygiene needs. New material will be added from time to time.

You are invited to suggest specific products and services that will be useful in meeting the needs suggested above. In addition the editorial staff will examine the Internet and various appropriate publications in search of material that will help you in your pursuit of the proper care of the Temple of your physical person.

A bit of research has already been done in the area of diet. The editorial staff highly recommends the product discussed at this link.
Additional links will be provided in the future. Keep checking back for updates.

If you would like to be kept informed of new updates, please click this link and place "send updates" in the subject box.

And remember, your body is the Temple of God.

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