You ask why each site page says powered by SiteSell?

A little story

Eight months ago I lost a foot. Well, I didn’t exactly lose it. The surgeon cut it off and I never saw it again.

Now when you’re working full time as a chaplain in a retirement community, happy as granddaddy’s mule out in the cornfield, what’s a foot more or less?

What could you not do without your foot that you could do with it.

You don’t need it to preach. You gotta admit, it’s harder to put your foot in your mouth when you only have one to work with. But, as I found out, it can be done.

You have a scooter and a wheelchair, so you don’t need the foot to get around for visitation.

And you don’t use your foot to write with.

But there are other reasons to retire. The retirement community was getting more Spanish speaking residents. If you don’t speak Spanish...

You get older. You aren’t losing it yet, but you figure it’s better to leave while folks love you than to have them saying ‘Doesn’t that old fool know when it’s time to quit?” after you lose your faculties.

What’s this got to do with SiteSell?

Just about everything.

You don’t want to vegetate when you retire. You decide it would be nice to create a web site.

Sure. You don’t know a monkey wrench from a browser. And you are going to build a web site? Hah!

At least you are bright enough to know you had to have a host for your site. There are several freebies on the ‘Net, but you don’t have much faith in them.

Besides, you know there are things you have to learn. You don’t reckon someone is going to hold your hand and teach you what you need to know for nothing.

What’s this got to do with SiteSell?

Well, you begin to look around.

Here’s what you find.

There is a lot more to building a site than just putting up a page. You might not think traffic, for example, is important for your personal little site.

But what if you change your mind.

What if you want a lot of people to visit the site.

What if you suddenly have a brainstorm on how to make money if you could just get folks to listen.

Or what if it isn’t money, but simply something you want to share free, like this Bible study site.

Better to build it right the first time than spend agonizing hours trying to repair it.

Or rebuild it.

What you find with Sitesell is a step by step, day by day action guide on how to do this.

And a site build it tool to go with it.

Site build it gets you started on the right foot. It helps you explore the ‘Net for the best keywords to use with the site you want to build.

What? You don’t know what a keyword is? That’s O.K. Site build it and the action guide explain what they are.

How search engines look for them.

How you can choose the best words.

How you can employ them to optimize search engine position.

All the tools other folks are buying to get the job done, you get with the program.

What’s this got to do with SiteSell?

You have an idea for a web site. You find out about keywords. But you want a site. Not a lot of “about it” stuff. You want “do it” stuff.

That’s exactly what SiteSell does. You need to register a domain name.

SiteSell is there for you.

You don’t know any more about HTML than you do about being a dentist for chickens. That’s O.K.

SiteSell is there for you.

You don’t know how to link from page to page or to another page. That’s O.K.

SiteSell is there for you.

Say you want to start a newsletter.

Site build it and the action guide lead you step by step how to build it. How to promote it. How to build traffic. And, if you like, how to use it to create an income stream.

What’s this got to do with SiteSell?

SiteSell includes an autoresponder. That’s where you can load your newsletter and it will send it out to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of different people. At the time you specify. Today. Next week. Next month.

You can even load a year’s supply of issues to be delivered month by month. Not that you’d want to do that much if you wanted the content of your newsletters to be current.

What’s this got to do with SiteSell?

You get all this help, you want to share this bounty with other people. If you start pushing people to go look at all these wonderful benefits, they’re gonna say, “What’s this guy, what’s this gal, trying to sell me?”

But a little link providing entry to information isn’t selling. It’s just providing service in gratitude for all the wonderful things SiteSell did for you. In just 90 days.

In grateful appreciation I say, this page is powered by SiteSell.

This page is presented with the approval of
First United Methodist Church
of Miami, Florida.