Lesson 9

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Two Day Two


1.      Find Smyrna on the map. Describe Smyrna in John’s time.

Answer:     Smyrna is just above Ephesus on the map. It was the second largest city in the province of Asia and a city proud of it’s history. It was a center of emperor worship and proud of its loyalty to Rome.

2.      Who were the “synagogue of Satan”?

Answer:     The “synagogue of Satan” may have been the judaizers, Christians of Gentile origin that insisted on living as Jews and following the laws of Moses.

3.      What is the Christians’ situation in Smyrna?

Answer:    Christians in Smyrna were in a precarious position. They were generally poor in a fabulously rich city.

4.      What is meant by the poverty and riches of Christians in Smyrna?

Answer:    The poverty of the Christians in Smyrna was the poverty of earthly possessions, but because they possessed salvation through Jesus Christ they were rich in eternal things.

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