Answers for
Lesson Eleven

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Two Day Four


1.      Find Thyatira on the map. Describe Thyatira in John’s day.

Answer:    Thyatira is below and east of Pergamum on the map. It was less imposing and less important than the other two cities we have examined. It was a center for crafts, mainly cloth dying and metallurgy.


2.      What was the guild and its importance?

Answer:    The guild was organizations of various crafts. They were organized around service to some god or goddess. It was necessary to belong to a guild to engage in business.


3.      What characteristic of the guild caused problems for Christians?

Answer:    The requirement to worship the guild god or goddess caused problems for Christians.


4.      Who is Jezebel and how does she fit into the picture?

Answer:    A nameless prophetess, who compromised with her church membership in following guild requirement, was called Jezebel by John.


5.      List some present day pressures that cause Christians to compromise their faith.

Answer:     Two present day pressures listed by the textbook author that cause Christians to compromise their faith were jobs in destructive industries. “Going along with the crowd” in immoral activity may be another. What else can you think of?

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