Answers for
Lesson Twelve

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Two Day Five


1.      Locate Sardis on the map. Describe Sardis in John’s time.

Answer:    Sardis is in the center of all the churches, south of Thyatira and east of Smyrna on the map. It was a walled city and produced valuable black wool.


2.      What is the life and death status of Sardis’ faith?

Answer:    The church at Sardis seems to be alive when in fact it is dead.


3.      What elements are used to measure the church’s faith instead of worship?

Answer:    The churches have been praised for steadfastness, faith, love, patience, works of love, but not once for form of worship.

Two personal questions for you follow. No answers are give because you must answer.


4.      Using these criteria, are you alive in the faith?


5.      Is your church?


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