Lesson Thirteen

Answers to Study Questions for
Week Two Day Six

1. Locate Philadelphia on the map. Describe Philadelphia in John’s time.
Answer: Philadelphia is east of Sardis on the map. The city had been destroyed by a great earthquake and was still under reconstruction.

2. What is the significance of the key of David and who holds it?
Answer: The key of David is the symbol of those who control access to the king, and Jesus Christ holds it.

3. What is the significance of a pillar in the temple in verse 12?
Answer: Contributors to the construction of temples were honored by having their names placed on a pillar in the temple. Since the Christians were poor, and wouldn’t contribute to the building of a pagan temple anyway, they would not have their names inscribed on any pillar. But they are told they will be columns in the temple of God Whose name will be inscribed on them.

4. By what standards is the strength of a church measured?
Answer: The strength of a church measured by its faithfulness.

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