Lesson Fourteen

Answers to Study Questions for
Week Two Day Seven

1. Locate Laodicea on the map. Describe Laodicea in John’s time.

Answer: Laodicea is southeast of Philadelphia on the map. It was a wealthy trade center. It produced wool, fine wool cloth, and a medicinal powder for making an eyewash.

2. What local situation gave meaning to the Lord’s accusation that Laodicea is neither hot nor cold ?

Answer: Nearby there is a city with hot mineral baths where people go for healing. The waters from these mineral baths flow downstream to Laodicea where it is warm and putrid. Those seeking to drink it spit it out of their mouths because it tastes bad. Since Laodicea feels it is rich and powerful when in spiritual terms it is wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked it has a bad taste to the Lord. They understand the image.

3. How is the letter to Laodicea different from all the other letters?

Answer: The letter to Laodicea different from all the other letters because it has no word of praise for the church.

4. Interpret “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”

Answer: Jesus is shut out of the church at Laodicea and Jesus is standing at the door of the church there, pounding on the door for entrance.

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