Answers Lesson

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Four Day 1

1. What happened when the first seal was opened?

Answer: When the first seal was opened a rider appeared.

2. Describe the first horse. What did it represent? Why?

Answer: The first horse was white, the symbol of victory, on which was mounted a rider with a bow. This represented the Persian invader whose traditional weapon was the bow.

3. What happened when the second seal was opened?

Answer: When the second seal was opened a horseman carrying a sword appeared.

4. Describe the second horse. What did it represent? Why?

Answer: The sword-wielding horseman rode a red horse which was a symbol of blood and violence and represented Roman authority.

5. Describe the political situation in Asia that made these symbols meaningful.

Answer: The Christians of John’s day were reminded by their Roman oppressors that they had brought peace by holding back the cruel Persian invaders. John’s vision showed that both use destructive powers.

6. Did you find any parallels to today?

Answer: This is a question you need to answer personally. The textbook author speaks of the cold war years and the insistence by the unquestioning support of governmental policies.

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