Answers Lesson

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Four Day 2

1. What happened when the third seal was opened?

Answer: A mounted horseman on a black horseman appeared.

2. Describe the third horse. What did it represent? Why?

Answer: The rider on the black horse–the symbol of death–held in his hand a scale, a symbol of trade. A voice is heard complaining about the price of wheat and barley while wine and oil receive special protection.

3. What happened when the fourth seal was opened?

Answer: The fourth horseman rides a pale [or yellow] horse.

4. Describe the fourth horse. What did it represent? Why?

Answer: The pale horse symbolizes mystery. Death cannot always be explained by trade decisions or political moves.

5. Which of these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have application for us today? Explain your answer.

Answer: This is a question you must answer for yourself personally.

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