Answers Lesson

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Five Day 2

1. How does the Textbook author react to those who say that John’s message in Revelation is that the end is near?

Answer: If someone says that John’s message in Revelation tells us that the end is near, the structure of the book itself will force them to think otherwise.

2. What happens when the seventh seal is opened?

Answer: When the seventh seal is opened a series of seven angels, each with a trumpet, appears.

3. What was the tradition of the time about “angels of the presence”?

Answer: The tradition of the time was that seven “angels of the presence” surrounded the throne of God.

4. What are trumpets a sign of in the Bible?

Answer: Trumpets are a sign of divine intervention or an announcement of God’s action in the Bible.

5. What is the purpose of the divine warnings?

Answer: The purpose of the divine warnings is to capture the attention of those tempted to be unfaithful.

6. How does life without faith always end?

Answer: Life without faith always ends up in tragedy.

7. What are the tragedies around us to us?

Answer: Tragedies around us are so many warnings, so many calls to obedience.

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