Lesson Forty

Answers to Study Questions
for Week Six Day 5


1.      Who are the two witnesses and how are they represented?

Answer:    The two witnesses are the people of God–Israel and the church–and are they represented by two olive trees and two lampstands.

2.      What is their message?

Answer:    Their message is a call to repentance.

3.      What characterizes the two witnesses?

Answer:    The two witnesses are characterized as having great power, fire coming from their mouths, ability to stop rain from coming, and ability to change water to blood.

4.      What happens to the two witnesses when they have completed their task?

Answer:    When they have completed their task the two witnesses are conquered and killed by the beast that comes from the bottomless pit.

5.      What does the textbook author say about both good times and bad times?

Answer:    Both good times and bad times are in the hands of God and both will pass away.

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