Answers Lesson

Answers to Study Questions for Week 8 Day 1


1.      What is one of the reasons pointed out by the textbook author that Revelation uses symbolic language?

Answer:    So that those who are not believers and familiar with the Bible could not easily understand it. [p.112]


2.      How does the passage in Revelation 13:1-4 compare with Daniel 7:3-7?

Answer:    The beast in Revelation is a combination of the beasts in Daniel’s vision. Daniel’s beasts represented the empires of Daniel’s time and the beast in Revelation represented the Roman Empire.


3.      Why is it said that the beast comes out of the sea?

Answer:    From the point of view of Asia Minor the Romans came from the west, over the sea.


4.      What does the textbook author suggest about the head with a “mortal wound”?

Answer:    Although there has been much discussion, most probably it is a way of imitating the Lamb that is slaughtered.


5.      What are some of the powerful and prestigious enemies we face in our day as a church?

Answer:    The very culture in which we live and a social order with a policy of exclusion, among others.

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