Answers Lesson

Answers to Study Questions for Week 8 Day 2


1.      What have we learned previously that make the verses in Revelation 13:5-8 clear to us?

Answer:    First, the authority of the beast is for a limited time.

Second, the beast speaks blasphemies against God

Third, the beast has power to conquer the saints.

Finally, the beast has authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation.


2.      What does the passage say about the Roman Empire that believers in Asia already know?

Answer:    What is said about the east is applied to the Roman Empire.


3.      How might authorities of the Roman Empire seen the text if they had understood it?

Answer:    It would have been seen as subversive because it says that the Roman Empire is not eternal, will rule for a limited time.


4.      What does John remind his audience about the Roman Empire?

Answer:    John reminds his audience that the Roman Empire is NOT eternal.


5.      What do modern believers fall victim to if they do not see that their enemies are not eternal?

Answer:    Without the conviction that their enemies are not eternal, modern believers fall prey to fear of the future.

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