Answers Lesson

Answers to Study Questions for the Week 8 Day 3


1.      How does John finish this section of his message?

Answer:    John finishes the section with the same warning similar to those found at the end of each of the letters to the seven churches at the beginning of his message, “Let anyone who has an ear listen.”


2.      Where does the poem in this section come from?

Answer:    The poem is a quotation of some phrases that appear twice in the book of Jeremiah. [15.2; 43.11]


3.      What does John’s reference to the Jeremiah passage remind his audience?

Answer:    John’s reference to the Jeremiah passage is that disobedience has unavoidable consequences; nobody can hide from them.


4.      Why does John remind them of this?

Answer:    The obedience that God required of the church in John’s day was especially hard.


5.      How does this apply to us?

Answer:    We often hide by looking for an easier sort of Christianity.

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