Answers Lesson

Answers to the Study Questions for the Week 8 Fourth Day


1.      Where does the second beast come from and what does it represent?

Answer:    The second beast comes from the earth and represents local authorities.


2.      How is the first beast and the second beast related?

Answer:    The second beast promotes the authority of the first.


3.      What does the textbook author mean when he says the beast looks like a lamb, but serves the beast?

Answer:    It means that the second beast seems to be on the side of the Lamb, but serves Satan.


4.      How does this apply to modern times in the international arena?

Answer:    The exploitation of the poorest countries on the international scene by the richest nations takes place with the consent of the rich classes of the exploited countries.


5.      How does this apply to modern times at the local level?

Answer:    In many of our poorest neighborhoods those who are exploiting the poor have local leaders who support the exploiters in order to retain their local power.

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