Answers for
Lesson Fifty-five

                     Answers to Study Questions for Day Six


1.      What is the counterpart of the dragon and where does that counterpart enter the scene?

Answer:    The counterpart of the dragon is the Lamb which appears on Mount Zion.


2.      Who is next to the Lamb?

Answer:    The 144,000 are next to the Lamb.


3.      What identifies the followers of the Lamb?

Answer:    Those who bear the mark of the Lamb are identified as followers of Lamb.


4.      What is the central theme of Revelation?

Answer:    The central theme of Revelation is the great joy of heavenly adoration.


5.      Why do you think people pay so little attention to the passages that speak of heavenly worship and joy?

Answer:    You must answer this from your own experience, but the textbook author raises the question off whether it could be that folks forget that the gospel is good news.

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