Answers for
Lesson Fifty-nine

Study Questions for Day 3 of Week 9


1.      What sign in heaven does John see?

Answer:     John sees a sign of seven angels each with a plague.


2.      What is completed in this vision?

Answer:    The wrath of God is completed in this vision


3.      What does John discuss instead of the plagues?

Answer:    Instead of the plagues John turns to celestial worship.


4.      What promise is included in the song of praise for what God has done?

Answer:    The promise that “all nations will come and worship before” God is included in the song of praise for what God has done.


5.      How, according to the textbook author, does John speak of things differently from how Christians see them?

Answer:    John speaks of what happens on earth while Christians repeatedly have been charged with thinking of heaven.

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