Answers for
Lesson Sixty

Answers to Study Questions for Day 4 of Week 9


1.      How is the appearance of the angels described?

Answer:    The appearance of the angels described in more detail. They are “clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles” which indicates authority.


2.      What must we once again remember about the language of Revelation?

Answer:    Once again we must remember about the language of Revelation is poetic and allusive rather than prosaic and descriptive.


3.      Who gives the angels the cups full of the wrath of God?

Answer:    One of the four living creatures gives the angels the cups full of the wrath of God.


4.      What is the central point of the passage?

Answer:    The central point of the passage is that these angels bring the fullness of the destructive power of the wrath of God that will be manifested in plagues upon the earth.


5.      What is the sign of the smoke that fills the temple?

Answer:    The smoke that fills the temple is a sign of the power and glory of God.

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