Answers for
Lesson Sixty-six

Answers to Study Questions for Week Ten Day Three

1. Who does the angel indicate the woman is?

Answer: The angel indicate the woman is Rome.

2. What grounds is used by the angel to reveal this?

Answer: The grounds used by the angel to reveal this is the statement about the seven mountains on which the woman sits. Rome was customarily known as the city built on seven hills.

3. What is the most difficult phrase in the passage?

Answer: The most difficult phrase in the passage is the cryptic remark that the beast “was and is not and is to come.”

4. What does the textbook author suggest this means?

Answer: The textbook author suggests that this is a parody of the Lamb.

5. What are the most dangerous idols?

Answer: The most dangerous idols are those which most resemble the true God.

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