Answers for
Lesson Sixty-eight

Study Questions for
Week Ten Day Five

1. What new image does the angel use to identify the harlot with the city of Rome?

Answer: The angel uses the image of the harlot sitting on waters where there is a multitude of people and nations to identify the harlot with the city of Rome

2. What does this image mean?

Answer: What this image means is that most trade of those times took place over rivers and seas. The wealth Rome has does not belong to Rome. It has been extracted from other countries, nations and peoples.

3. What is John’s understanding of the way of international conflicts?


Answer: The kings will destroy the harlot [Rome] but will continue to serve the beast.

4. What does the beast do in the concrete life of each generation?

Answer: In the concrete life of each generation, the beast uses different instruments.

5. What are some 20th century examples of this?

Answer: Some 20th century examples of this are the Japanese Empire, the German Empire, and the Soviet Empire. Would some other nations see the United States as an empire like this?

6. In the face of such situations, what four items does Revelation teach us?

Answer: The four items the textbook author says Revelation teaches us:

1. That as believers we have to recognize and denounce the power of the beast whenever it appears.

2. We can see the hand of God in the emergence of a new order or government and rejoice in it and even participate in it.

3. We must always be alert because the new order can become another instrument of the beast.

4. In the end power belongs to God and the Lamb.

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