Answers for
Lesson Seventy-six

Answers to Study Questions for Week Eleven Day Six

1. Why does the victory only “seem to be final”?

Answer: The victory only “seems to be final” because it will last a thousand years after which the beast will be released.

2. What is this thousand years known as?

Answer: This thousand years is known as the millennium.

3. What names have emerged as a response to this term?

Answer: As a response to this term labels of premillennialists, postmillennialists, and amillennialists have emerged.

4. What has been the consequence of these terms?

Answer: As a consequence of these names, arguments have arisen among Christians causing perplexity among nonbelievers and obscuring the witness of the church.

5. What is a serious danger when conditions in the church improve?

Answer: A serious danger that emerges when conditions in the church improve is the temptation to let down our guard believing that the struggle is past.

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