Answers for
Lesson Seventy-eight

Answers to Study Questions for Week Twelve Day One

1. What happens at the end of the thousand years?

Answer: The dragon [Satan] is freed. He can continue his evil deed, mostly deceit.

2. Who are Gog and Magog?

Answer: Gog and Magog were originally sons of Japheth and Joel, but over the years came to represent distant peoples.

3. When Satan and his forces besiege “the camp of the saints...and the beloved city,” how were they destroyed?

Answer: They were destroyed by fire sent from heaven by God.

4. What happens to the Devil?

Answer: The Devil is cast into the lake of fire where we have been told the beast and the false prophet already are.

5. Who remain neutral in this battle?

Answer: No one, for Revelation makes it very clear that in the battle between God and the dragon there is no possible neutrality.

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