Answers for
Lesson Ninety-one

Answers to Study Questions for Week Thirteen Day Seven

1. Who makes the final testimony of the book and its authority?

Answer: It is Jesus who endorses the authority of the book.

2. Who joins in this testimony?

Answer: The Spirit and the bride join in this testimony.

3. With what promise does Jesus close the book?

Answer: Jesus closes the book with the promise he will return to his people.

4. Is the warning about adding or subtracting from the book meant to apply to just Revelation or to the whole Bible?

Answer: While we can make the application to the whole Bible by extension, when John wrote this the New Testament canon had not yet been set, so he was talking about Revelation only.

5. Do people add or subtract from the book of Revelation?

Answer: When folks try to make Revelation a mysterious book of secrets they subtract from it by closing its true meaning, and when people try to support “discoveries” of secret meanings in the content, they are adding to it.

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