Bible Trivia
Quiz #2

1. Abram [later named Abraham] originally came from
a. Ab
b. Assyria
c. Hitti
d. Ur

2. The book of Lamentation was written by
a. Jeremiah
b. Lamen
c. Daniel
d. Koheleth

3. The last book in the Old Testament is
a. Revelation
b. Malachi
c. Hezekiah
d. Zephaniah

4. The number of pieces of silver Judas betrayed Jesus for was
a. 10
b. 13
c. 30
d. 100

5. The longest river in Bible times was
a. Jordan
b. Nile
c. Tigris
d. Euphrates

6. The Ten Commandments were given to Moses on
a. Mount Moriah
b. the Mount of Transfiguration
c. Mount Pisgah
d. Mount Sinai

7. Jonah was sent to
a. Egypt
b. Tarshish
c. Nineveh
d. Babylon

8. Samson was a
a. king
b. judge
c. Captain of the guard
d. military commander

9. King Ahab was married to
a. Jezebel
b. Esther
c. Deborah
d. Miriam

10. The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge that Adam and Eve ate was
a. an apple
b. a pomegranate
c. a banana
d. the Bible doesn’t say

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