Christian Companionship

Have you experienced loneliness?

Are you without meaningful companionship?

Don't you sometimes feel that, even in the midst of a crowd, you are alone? Maybe even God doesn't care?

Don't despair. You are not unique in this experience.

You are one of a myriad of lonely folk. And there is something you can do about it.

Recognizing the Need

Yes, you do experience what a multitude experiences.

In one way, that's a very positive situation.

Think about it.

A thousand lonely people.

All want simply to relate to another person.

If only someone could introduce a couple of them.

Maybe they could share fellowship.

There is a way. You can meet and get to know any number of these folk.

Folk like you. Not simply looking for a toss in the hay and another long season of loneliness.

Looking for a meaningful relationship.

Shared concerns.

Common appreciations.

Same interests.

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You have nothing to lose. And oodles of friends to gain.

Let us know if friendship results from this contact.

For Bible references to this topic, go to Companionship in the Bible.