Dan's request for testimonials

Please keep this request in mind and update your testimonials as you continue to go through the program (or give it to me today, if you just didn’t find the right words when I asked a few days ago, Larry).

One that came in, in particular, I wanted to share with you, because it’s a great example of what I’m looking for:

Larry's testimonial:

Hello Dan,

I am dropping you a line to let you know how helpful your course has been, is being, a real boon to my success.

Dan, I'll have to tell you, when i started reading your introduction, I said, "Oh. Another one of those."

How wrong I was. You see, as a college professor teaching psychology, I have been exposed to many of the theories and principles you cover. What I've never been exposed to is the practical application of the principles.

Oh, I've read about experiments and studies. But they were done by others. like so many professors who teach theory, I had never applied it to my life.

What a difference!

For example, scads of studies have been done showing that people learn in a variety of ways--through sight [reading, videos], sound [lectures, subliminal messages], feeling [consider electric shock treatments], taste [notice how some folks do better with a cup of coffee in their hand], and even smell.

Studies, yes. Application, no.

Until I began your course.

And I'll tell you something else.

The workbooks you provide and the audios you make available are invaluable.

I could go on all day, but I think this is enough to make my point.

Please feel free to share these thoughts with others.


Dr. L. M. Winebrenner
Professor Emeritus, Miami-Dade College

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